Common Uses of Ozone

Ozone machines come in two basic flavors: ambient air and medical grade.

Medical grade ozone machines use an O2 source (from bottle or oxygen concentrator), and thus do not have the nitrous oxide buildup mentioned. In fact, all an ozygen concentrator does is strip out the nitrous oxide to produce purer oxygen.

Things you can do with medical grade ozone:

– Insuflate body with ozone (mentioned above as the up-your-ass technique) – I do this, and actually know when I am done when I get that sour taste in my mouth (i.e. the ozone has gone through entire intestinal tract and is now trying to get out your mouth!)

– It is the ONLY gas approved by FDA for direct insertion by needle into the blood stream (medical grade only) talk about the best way to kill any blood born disease!!!!!!

– It is a great addition to a sauna, as the skin is largest organ of body and when you sweat it opens up and absorbs the O3 – I am talking about a personal sauna you sit in where the head is outside of the containment. DO NOT USE in general sauna, as you will be breathing it in and it WILL kill you!

– Make ozonated oil – this takes almost a month!

Ambient Ozone machines use the ambient air to produce ozone. These machines come in two general types:

– Boxes designed to clean a room of smoke, smells and bad organisms. These are generally used by hotels to clean out a stinky room, etc. These can product upwards of 3000 ug/H

– Small Kitchen (or even car lighter plugins) Ozone machines, that can be used for cleaning the air in your house (get rid of all those nasty kitchen smells for example, or smoking/pet/old food smells from car), and ozonating water. These generally product 500-1000 ug/H.

Uses of ozonated water:

-Drink it
-Rinse vegetables with it
-Spray on surfaces to kill bad stuff (10X the strength of chlorine)